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How to Live a Passionate, Creative Life Now

We have control over our brain and, therefore, our life. Sometimes it doesn’t feel that way with all of the obstacles and struggles we face throughout our lives.

However, research continues to show that we have control over our brain. Dr. Marian Diamond’s research indicates that the brain can grow as a result of experience. This is powerfully optimistic because this means that change is always possible.

Dr. Diamond’s research also identifies the most important factors for a healthy brain: diet, exercise, challenge, newness, and love, which Dr. Dawson Church discusses in his book, Bliss Brain.

My psychology/life coaching… Continue reading

Fall In Love And Improve Your Health

Fall in love and improve your health.

In love you are present, in the moment feeling the flow of dopamine, oxytocin, vasopressin and growth hormones….a vacation from stress and fear

When you feel love your wishes and desires are being felt and realized in the moment.

Healing actually occurs when you have thoughts of love and you are filled with ecstasy and purpose. These thoughts change your chemistry and promote healing. This has been studied and verified for many years by Dr. Bruce Lipton ( who promotes the ideas of changing your perceptions which will actually convert your… Continue reading

Signs that You May Need to Set Boundaries with Loved Ones

What does setting boundaries mean and how do you know when it’s time to set them?

Many people have been living with toxic relationships for many years and wonder why they continue to have negative self talk and energy depletion after being in the company of certain people.

For example, recently, when I asked a client to describe her mother she said, “She is very committed to what she wants for others, strong, opinionated and blames others when they fail to take her advice.” She ended with a sigh and explained that she and the other members of her family… Continue reading

What is your communication cycle?

Do you have relationship problems?

Most of the couples that I see want to improve their communication. Many or most have regressed into a pattern of ongoing avoidance and/or resentment that causes them to feel alienated from each other. How does this happen?Avoiding conflict, thinking it will go away doesn’t work. Fear of addressing small conflicts can result in a build up of resentment, blame and unhappiness which grows over time.

Not expressing true feelings to each other creates a sense of distrust and impairs communication.

Not telling your partner how you feel and what you need and instead expecting… Continue reading

Are You Afraid to Cry Because You May Not Stop?

A week ago I heard a client say ‘I don’t want to cry because I may not stop’.  Another said ‘I have to be strong and keep myself going for my children and my family’.

I suggested to her that ‘its alright to cry and release emotions of fear, pain, frustration, hurt ,sadness and anger’. ‘Its healing and tears release toxins from the body’.  I thought to myself later, I haven’t cried in many  months! I focus on the positive and practice meditation and exercise daily and when I miss my children and grandchildren and friends I call or Facetime… Continue reading

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