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Counseling, Therapy & Life Coaching

For Individuals, Couples & Families by ICS Inc.

Losing Weight Is Not About Diets

Many people struggle with diets and exercise plans with temporary success.

The key to success is resolving the deep unconscious conflicts within each and every one of us.  These conflicts when unresolved lead to destructive behaviors and addictions, i.e., excessive drinking, eating, smoking, use of drugs, sexual addictions, etc.

My approach helps people by resolving the deep conflicts while incorporating a wellness life plan. Weight gain or other addictions is about lifestyle and choices. With my approach, my clients change their lifestyle and lose their weight forever, because their inner conflicts are resolved.

It is wonderful to watch and… Continue reading

Are We Socializing Babies To Develop ADHD?

More and more, I see babies being over-stimulated with toys that talk, light up, and are connected to iPods and DVDs.

There are toys that babies can push, which will create a sound from toy and the TV.  They  are put in front of these external stimuli with a pacifier, yet we wonder why children grow up with ADHD ? We are pairing external stimuli with oral satisfaction, yet we wonder why our culture has a severe epidemic of obsessive overeating?

What happened to allowing a baby to feel his or her body? Their mother’s body? To hearing… Continue reading

Creative Living, Ageless Living

Recently, I was sitting by a pool with a friend. We were discussing health and aging. He made the comment, “Aging is a disease,” which struck me as fatalistic.

“No, it’s reality,” he said. “At about 26 years of age, our cells stop growing and producing and start to decline.”

I was recently inspired and re-inspired while reading current research on mind body psychology and taught a college course called mind body psychology for the second time.

The new research about aging and health is exciting and encouraging. There are ways to facilitate more creativity, health, and build a better… Continue reading

Find The Rhythm For Living Creatively And With Less Stress

Creativity as A Guide

When you pace yourself with creativity, activity, and rest throughout the day, you will not be resisting the body’s natural rhythm and you will feel less stressed. I teach  Mind Body Psychology and use it with my clients in therapy and during our Life Coaching Sessions.

According to the Psychobiology of Gene Expression by Ernest Rossi, “there is an individualized natural pacing of rhythm or creativity and rest throughout the day. If you learn to ‘catch the wave’  of the natural rhythms that occur, you will discover many hidden connections… Continue reading


Transitions are hard if we fight them.

Does a leaf fight every fall because it’s afraid to detach from it’s place of safety on the branch while the wind is tugging it gently to  the ground? Maybe, but I don’t think so as it is part of the cycle of nature. Do birds worry every year when it’s time to migrate? I don’t think so. They go with the pull of migration. Why do we fight each change? There is life and death, of course, but what lies in between is life’s essence, which is transition.… Continue reading

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