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Creative Living

At Innovative Counseling we view psychology as a creative process where people learn to become aware of, acknowledge, and solve their problems in their own way. The therapist encourages and supports the patient through the interaction of behaviors, emotions, mind, and body expression. By using heuristic words, we don’t make suggestions, set directives, give covert demands, commands, or interpretations in the conventional sense. Instead, we guide. Heuristics, as defined by Webster’s dictionary, means “to invent or discover: helping to discover or learn.”

I use Ernest Rossi’s technique called The Four-Stage Creative Cycle, which encourages my clients to notice what they are experiencing, explore their emotions and memories, explore possibilities of healing and problem solving, and how to reframe their symptoms and problems into creative inner resources to be developed further. I am there to support. They are reclaiming their lost power by finding their answers within for themselves while being supported and reminded of their inherent ability to create new pathways toward health and well-being.

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Men Seek Help In Abusive Relationships

Have you found yourself escaping to  a room in your house where you can shut the door and request that you be left alone instead of being barraged by your partner? Have you had to go out to your car to calm yourself  and  disperse the negative energy from the yelling? Have you been awakened during the night with your partner yelling at you depriving you of  sleep?

I have identified a need to work with men who are emotionally or physically abused in their relationships/marriages.

Many of these men have healthy relationships with their mothers,… Continue reading

ADD today. Is it ADD or the brains’s response to stress?

What does the term ADD really mean? ‘ADD is the term commonly used to describe symptoms of inattention, distractibility, and poor working memory’.

Are you concerned about yourself or a loved one because you completed a checklist and the results show that you have symptoms of ADD?

Well, many children and people will test positive on those questionnaires because life is full of stress, transition and traumas which affect the brain on a short term or long term basis.

How we respond to stressors depends on the longevity of the stressor, type of stressor and our sensitivity to stressors.… Continue reading

How to Live a Passionate, Creative Life Now

We have control over our brain and, therefore, our life. Sometimes it doesn’t feel that way with all of the obstacles and struggles we face throughout our lives.

However, research continues to show that we have control over our brain. Dr. Marian Diamond’s research indicates that the brain can grow as a result of experience. This is powerfully optimistic because this means that change is always possible.

Dr. Diamond’s research also identifies the most important factors for a healthy brain: diet, exercise, challenge, newness, and love, which Dr. Dawson Church discusses in his book, Bliss Brain.

My psychology/life coaching… Continue reading

Let’s all take a deep breath…

These past few months with COVID-19 have been very emotionally taxing and has instilled fear and anxiety in many.

Often, psychologists rely on simple breathing techniques to help clients reduce their fears. But do they work?

The nervous system can actually move out of fear into calm by using simple breathing techniques, which can help you to calm yourself. Why do we want to calm the fear? Fear is not helpful in keeping our immune system strong.

A recent study by Dr. Joseph Dispenza showed that by decreasing your stress (e.g., cortisol levels), you can improve your defense against bacteria… Continue reading

Compassionate Inquiry to Heal Trauma 

Compassionate inquiry is an inquiry method to help people connect to the truth within themselves in the present moment. This technique allows people to become free from self-generated suffering as well as gain insight, clarity, and choice in their behavior.

Addiction, anxiety, depression, and ADHD can be traced to childhood trauma and a sense of disconnect from yourself. Inner child work is very effective in healing the wounded child and to completely integrate all parts of yourself. 

In my practice, I have incorporated Dr. Gabor Mate’s method of compassionate inquiry to focus on compassionately listening and targeting past wounds… Continue reading

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