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Marital and Couples Counseling

Providing mediation and couples counseling to people in all stages of relationships: dating, engagement period, during marriage, considering divorce, post divorce. All areas are transitions which require couples counseling.

Why Video Therapy May Be for You

Movie therapyBooks and audio have been part of the therapeutic process for many years. Video therapy, also called movie therapy, is a type of therapy where you discuss films as part of your therapy. In your session, you are asked to mention movies that have had an impact on you or that you found meaningful.

I also ask questions to guide you in choosing films that resonate with you. What characters do you like? What movies does your family enjoy together? Or is there a message in a movie that you would like to get across to others in your family?… Continue reading

Single People Have Love Too

ValentineAre you are single on Valentine’s Day? Although this is a holiday of love and romance, this is day can also be a time to feel grateful for what you love in life and who you love.

“Based on the shopping trends we’ve seen leading up to Valentine’s Day, we know it’s not just about romance anymore,” said Kevin H. Johnson, CEO of Performance Marketing Brands on “This has become a day for all families and loved ones to enjoy. Certainly, significant others are still important to buy for, but finding the right Valentine’s day gift now applies… Continue reading

Skype Your Way To A Better Relationship

Does your partner make excuses about going to couples counseling? Do you have communication problems but your partner is in denial? Are you frustrated or worried about the lack of intimacy in your relationship?

Many people feel uncomfortable coming into a therapist’s office and sharing their personal life with someone they perceive as a stranger. Recently my client’s husband agreed to participate in couples counseling via Skype, which resulted in a very helpful and productive session. Afterward he suggested that they have weekly sessions. The wife is pleased because her partner is engaged and both are feeling more hopeful about… Continue reading

Texting Across Generations

“My friends understand me, but my mom and I fight because we miscommunicate when we text.”

Recently, in a counseling session, my client and her daughter were discussing relationship conflicts that seem to be triggered by texting each other. Eventually, the teenage daughter blurted out. “She texts me about things I can’t do anything about, like clean my room or taking out the trash. I’m at school, why is she texting me about that?”

According to Wikipedia, the average American teen receives over 3,300 texts per month. In 2009,  it was estimated that 2.5 billion text messages are… Continue reading

Money, Sex, and Power

In relationships, the balance between money, power, and sex are intertwined. Often, when power of control shifts, interest in the desire for sex changes.

If a couple does not discuss how money will be spent, saved, or managed, misunderstandings develop. If ongoing, the person in charge of the bills may become resentful and the other angry because he or she feels angry for not having enough spending money or savings. For example, one partner may like to have a nest egg to feel comfortable while the other likes to “live in the now,” spending money on what he or she… Continue reading