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Marital and Couples Counseling

Providing mediation and couples counseling to people in all stages of relationships: dating, engagement period, during marriage, considering divorce, post divorce. All areas are transitions which require couples counseling.

Psychology of Attraction in Relationships

Theories of love can’t fully explain love and attraction, but if you learn to trust your intuition you will find more successful relationships.

After seeing many clients struggling in love and relationships, over the years I have developed a theory about trusting the first few moments of interaction. Those first few moments of meeting a new potential love interest are critical. If you listen to the signs and signals, and learn to trust them you will avoid many problems in the relationship further into the future.

Intuition Exercise

Think of a person that you had a relationship with in the… Continue reading

Distance Therapy is Effective and Convenient

In the Scientific American’s Distance Therapy Comes of Age, by Robert Epstein states that with distant therapy you can, “see your progress in black and white,” referring to people who text with their therapist. The sessions are visible and can be reviewed for progress. Epstein also shares that “research demonstrates that remote email Chat voice or text can effectively treat cognitive, behavioral and emotional disorders.”

Text, Email, Video Are the Way of Therapy’s Future

My college age clients text me about their anxiety, relationships, school stress, etc. It is a quick and easy, confidential way to solve problems with… Continue reading

Is Facebook Causing Relationship Problems?

According to a recent story in the New York Times, Facebook is one of the most popular searches for couples and singles.

Does Facebook Cause Relationship Turmoil?

Facebook is frequently a topic of conversation and conflict in today’s couples counseling. Facebook has made impulsive dating and “hooking up” so easy and quick that repercussions are not considered until they break the trust in a person’s current relationship.
As a therapist, I listen to couples argue about who they have as “friends” and how they list each other on Facebook as an indicator of their commitment to their current relationship.… Continue reading

Therapists Are No Longer Taboo

According to Taylor Trudon’s Huffington Post piece, 10 Lessons My Parent’s Divorce Taught Me, everyone should have a therapist.

In today’s society, Trudon says, “Having a therapist is like saying you have an Ipod. Everyone has one. They’re both expensive and you will listen to them repeat the same things over and over. Therapists are great because whether you’re in marital bliss or divorce inferno, they will tell you what your friends have been saying, but because they have a framed license hanging on their office wall and you’re paying $100 an hour, you’ll actually listen to them.”… Continue reading

What to Do Before Your Husband Asks for a Divorce….

“There were no warnings; he just told me yesterday that he wants a divorce.”

I hear this same plea from women who call me and are shocked and off balance when their spouse hits them with this news.

Many of us are so busy with life, career, children, family, maintaining our health, appearance, and some social life, that we don’t have a lot of time to nurture our relationship with our partner. (Just one more thing to take care of!) But, there are warnings before your partner checks out.

Men who feel unneeded, unappreciated, or feel like they can’t please… Continue reading