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ADD today. Is it ADD or the brains’s response to stress?

What does the term ADD really mean? ‘ADD is the term commonly used to describe symptoms of inattention, distractibility, and poor working memory’.

Are you concerned about yourself or a loved one because you completed a checklist and the results show that you have symptoms of ADD?

Well, many children and people will test positive on those questionnaires because life is full of stress, transition and traumas which affect the brain on a short term or long term basis.

How we respond to stressors depends on the longevity of the stressor, type of stressor and our sensitivity to stressors.… Continue reading

Inner Child Work, Makes a Grown Man Cry

Inner Child Work, Makes a Grown Man CryA man in his 40’s who has a history of severe verbal abuse by his father and neglect by both parents began his healing during his therapy session with me this week.

His parents  left him at a young age (7 years old) with a friend/babysitter while they were out of the country on military service. He remembers feeling frightened and scared when separated from his mother. He felt ‘unwanted’ and ‘a nuisance’ which became the negative cognitions (thoughts) that started  his unconscious stream of thoughts. These negative thoughts became a record that played in his head until… Continue reading

Somatic Therapy to Help You Gain Inner Wisdom

Is there an inner wisdom that comes from listening to your body? Can this wisdom help you to know what is right or wrong for you? Can it help you make big decisions in life?

Somatic therapy, or body therapy, is a holistic therapeutic approach that incorporates a person’s mind, body, spirit, and emotions in the healing process. It integrates ideas from traditional psychotherapy, physical therapy, and holistic treatment. The body, rather than the mind, is the foundational point for healing in somatic therapy.

Somatic therapists view the mind and body as inherently connected. What’s stored in our body… Continue reading

How to Live a Passionate, Creative Life Now

We have control over our brain and, therefore, our life. Sometimes it doesn’t feel that way with all of the obstacles and struggles we face throughout our lives.

However, research continues to show that we have control over our brain. Dr. Marian Diamond’s research indicates that the brain can grow as a result of experience. This is powerfully optimistic because this means that change is always possible.

Dr. Diamond’s research also identifies the most important factors for a healthy brain: diet, exercise, challenge, newness, and love, which Dr. Dawson Church discusses in his book, Bliss Brain.

My psychology/life coaching… Continue reading

Fall In Love And Improve Your Health

Fall in love and improve your health.

In love you are present, in the moment feeling the flow of dopamine, oxytocin, vasopressin and growth hormones….a vacation from stress and fear

When you feel love your wishes and desires are being felt and realized in the moment.

Healing actually occurs when you have thoughts of love and you are filled with ecstasy and purpose. These thoughts change your chemistry and promote healing. This has been studied and verified for many years by Dr. Bruce Lipton ( who promotes the ideas of changing your perceptions which will actually convert your… Continue reading

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