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The Role of a Therapist

Mindfulness: Enliven Your Life

Mindfulness eliminates stress and improves relationships.

Tara Brach, whose book Radical Acceptance, was one of the most pivotal and effective ever written on mindfulness, has recently released a series of videos that expand on her methodology and reasoning for why mindfulness is the key to a joyous life.

Brach says,

“Mindful awareness is what allows us to be attuned to ourselves and others….Mindfulness helps us to boost our capacity for empathy, for acceptance, for experiencing relatedness, and emotional resilience. When this circuitry [created mindfulness] is activated our relationships become increasingly healthy and more gratifying….

While we cannot control others… Continue reading

Critical Factors that Lead to Change

EDITOR’S NOTE: This week’s blog post features, Barbara Christensen of Stand Out Christian Coaching. Her work specializes in psychology and mental health counseling for Christian’s to overcome their fears and challenges, change their focus, and discover/rediscover their purpose and passions in life.

ChangeFor changes to be lasting, you have to be ready.

Of course, you also need to acknowledge there is a problem you want to change. Then decide when you want to work toward changing your life. And it is best if you know what has kept you from this change previously.

First, you have to… Continue reading

Therapists Are No Longer Taboo

According to Taylor Trudon’s Huffington Post piece, 10 Lessons My Parent’s Divorce Taught Me, everyone should have a therapist.

In today’s society, Trudon says, “Having a therapist is like saying you have an Ipod. Everyone has one. They’re both expensive and you will listen to them repeat the same things over and over. Therapists are great because whether you’re in marital bliss or divorce inferno, they will tell you what your friends have been saying, but because they have a framed license hanging on their office wall and you’re paying $100 an hour, you’ll actually listen to them.”… Continue reading