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Conflict Resolution Mediation Svcs.

Conflict Resolution Mediation Services in York and Hanover, PA

 Conflict Resolution Mediation Services Resolve Your Conflicts

Mediation is a way to resolve conflicts by coming to compromise with the help of a trained mediator.

Any conflict, personal or business-related can be resolved with mediation.

Conflict resolution mediation helps two or more parties reach an agreed upon compromise.

If a relationship, either personal or professional, is important to you, we can be your first option at Innovative Counseling Services, Inc.

At Innovative Counseling and Coaching, conflict resolution mediation services are used to settle many small or large relationship disputes. These include:

  • Elder family conflicts
  • Relationship conflicts
  • Divorce

Overview of Conflict Mediation

At Innovative Counseling, conflict resolution services are intended to bring two or more parties together to clear up misunderstandings, voice concerns, and reach a resolution.

During conflict mediation services, each side presents its view of the concern, then Innovative Counseling’s conflict mediator works to reach a settlement.

At the end of the process, your conflict mediator presents his or her findings along with a potential solution to the disputed issues. The purpose of the process is to bring about a collaborative agreement and prevent further conflict. At Innovative Counseling and Coaching, we work with families, couples, and small businesses to improve relationships and productivity, both at home and in the workplace.

Mediation offers you the opportunity to resolve conflicts while keeping the best interest of you and your family, coworkers, or partners in mind.

Innovative Counseling and Coaching provides you with trained therapists and mediators who are experts in collaboration.

According to The Power of Listening, by Dr. Tony Alessandra, Ph.D, “more and more recent research indicates that we spend about 40 to 45% of our waking hours listening, but only at 25% efficiency.”

A common cause of conflict is that we don’t listen carefully enough. We are trained to listen to all parties and help them overcome the barriers to resolution. 

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