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Elderly Conflict Mediation Svcs.

York & Hanover, PA counseling and coaching for elderly. We offer innovative approaches to resolve conflict and achieve positive outcomes for children of elderly parents, families, and the community.

Overview of Elderly Conflict Mediation:

Innovative Counseling and Coaching helps families faced with aging parents. It is very difficult for the children, who many times live in different parts of the country, to meet and discuss options and reach decisions.

With the best interest of the aging parent in mind, we work with the family through teleconferencing and/or video conferencing sessions. We provide collaboration for all members of the family who are involved in decision making. We do this through the conflict resolution process.

We offer innovative approaches to resolve conflict and achieve positive outcomes for children, families, and the community.

We do this by:

1. Gathering information from the referring person or persons

2. Listen and determine the overall goal by listening to all family members

3. Develop a forum for respectful discussion by video sessions as needed

4. Work through old family patterns and roles that emerge during this transitional time

5. Work through the areas of disagreement

We also:

1. Review each parties’ wants, needs, and concerns

2. Offer several options

3. Make a collaborative effort to resolve differences

5. Evaluate the outcome of the decisions made


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