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Telephone and Online Sessions

Telephone SessionsMany clients find telephone or online sessions to be not only convenient, but also very effective. Some people alternate in-person sessions with telephone sessions.

Telephone or online consultations are especially beneficial for:

  • Mothers with young children at home
  • Busy career-focused people
  • People who travel often
  • Those suffering from illnesses that limit their mobility
  • People who live out of state

If you want to work with Dr. Pollack and save time and money, telephone or online sessions may be a great fit for you. Some problems do require in-person sessions. Dr. Pollack can help you determine if telephone or online sessions are the right treatment for you.

Call her today and discuss the best approach to your therapy at 888-231-2985.

For New Clients, we offer a FREE 15 minute session!
This free session is for telephone, email, or Skype appointments only.


Free 15 Minute Session
For New Clients! CONTACT US to schedule your free session via phone, email, text, or Skype!
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