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Cameron Diaz

Thriving with Health and Balance


Credit: Dreamtime

Healthy balanced, living matters.

Arianna Huffington’s book, Thrive, joins the many highly influential people who have realized health and well-being are just as important as success.

In Thrive, Huffington recalls how she worked round the clock when she first launched The Huffington Post. With two daughters and a book tour, she was averaging barely enough sleep to function. This finally culminated in her falling over in her office and breaking her cheekbone.

Enter the wake up call.

From my teachings at Ryokan College on gene expression, I have a deep belief in practicing health and… Continue reading

Cameron Diaz’s New Book Highlights Health and Balance

“Think of all the amazing things that you could create in the world if you felt free…” –The Body Book, by Cameron Diaz


Cameron Diaz’s new book, The Body Book, explains the importance of working toward your healthiest self.

She says, “As human beings, when we have experiences that bring us great joy and fulfillment, all we want is to share that excitement with others….Your body is your past, present, and future…It is the culmination of everything you have ever eaten, all the physical activity that you did or didn’t do, all the efforts that you’ve made… Continue reading