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Thought Field Therapy for Treating Anxiety

Many people are experiencing anxiety which can be experienced as restlessness, worry, insomnia and/or somatic symptoms such as heart palpitations, abdominal tightness and headaches. Stress is a word used often by people to describe anxiety.

There are many ways to cope with and reduce symptoms of anxiety with deep breathing and guided meditation ( if you can slow your mind down enough to participate). Massage can also relieve muscle tension that many times accompanies anxiety. Cognitive Restructuring is also an effective method to reduce anxiety. The concept is if you become aware of your negative thought patterns and change them… Continue reading

Major Changes: Plant the Seeds and Let the Growth Begin

Screen shot 2012-08-06 at 3.51.06 PMI never thought I would start over after the age of 60. But, yes, I have made that exact decision. Some days I wonder, “What the hell was I thinking?”. I want to crawl back to the safety and comfort of what was—to wake up knowing what I could expect each day.

I sold my house because I felt it was “owning me” with all its upkeep and expenses. The first weeks after selling my house, I moved in temporarily with my sister and her partner. They were so welcoming yet I felt lost at times. I felt alone and… Continue reading

Critical Factors that Lead to Change

EDITOR’S NOTE: This week’s blog post features, Barbara Christensen of Stand Out Christian Coaching. Her work specializes in psychology and mental health counseling for Christian’s to overcome their fears and challenges, change their focus, and discover/rediscover their purpose and passions in life.

ChangeFor changes to be lasting, you have to be ready.

Of course, you also need to acknowledge there is a problem you want to change. Then decide when you want to work toward changing your life. And it is best if you know what has kept you from this change previously.

First, you have to… Continue reading

Brief Therapy May Be the Answer for You

People’s lives are increasingly busy. Life is filled with meetings, travel for work, vacations, kids, and partners. Days race by into weeks, leaving less and less time for self care. With work, children, caring for sick family members, working out, buying healthy groceries, attending school meetings, how do you find time for therapy?

Sometimes everyone feels overwhelmed and needs to talk to someone who is objective. Someone who is not a friend or even family member. Yet, calling a therapist may feel like it requires you to schedule yet another appointment. Brief focused therapy is the best type… Continue reading

Relationships: Heavy Baggage or a Carry-on?

In the first few encounters with a potential partner, we tend to assess their assets as well as their baggage. For example how many marriages and divorces has this person had? How many children, stepchildren, or any volatile relationships with exes?

Then, there is the area of addictions such as alcohol, porn, or gambling. These are heavy baggage type people. If there is a history of bankruptcy or a criminal history then this is also major baggage.

A good question to ask yourself is, “Do I want to start a relationship with someone who has major baggage or would… Continue reading