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Finding Balance After 50: All Your Choices

Credit: DreamstimeAre you a woman over 50 who wonders whether you want to enjoy living your life alone so as to simplify? Or do you miss partnership and often consider online dating or other ways of meeting someone?

Now is your time…there are so many choices.

The decision for women over 50 to be alone or in a romantic relationship is a new trend. I meet with baby boomers in my psychology and relationship coaching practices who are creating new retirement lives for themslves. According to a recent article in Huffington Post, many women feel overwhelmed with all their choices… Continue reading

Texting Across Generations

“My friends understand me, but my mom and I fight because we miscommunicate when we text.”

Recently, in a counseling session, my client and her daughter were discussing relationship conflicts that seem to be triggered by texting each other. Eventually, the teenage daughter blurted out. “She texts me about things I can’t do anything about, like clean my room or taking out the trash. I’m at school, why is she texting me about that?”

According to Wikipedia, the average American teen receives over 3,300 texts per month. In 2009,  it was estimated that 2.5 billion text messages are… Continue reading

Therapists Are No Longer Taboo

According to Taylor Trudon’s Huffington Post piece, 10 Lessons My Parent’s Divorce Taught Me, everyone should have a therapist.

In today’s society, Trudon says, “Having a therapist is like saying you have an Ipod. Everyone has one. They’re both expensive and you will listen to them repeat the same things over and over. Therapists are great because whether you’re in marital bliss or divorce inferno, they will tell you what your friends have been saying, but because they have a framed license hanging on their office wall and you’re paying $100 an hour, you’ll actually listen to them.”… Continue reading

Losing Weight Is Not About Diets

Many people struggle with diets and exercise plans with temporary success.

The key to success is resolving the deep unconscious conflicts within each and every one of us.  These conflicts when unresolved lead to destructive behaviors and addictions, i.e., excessive drinking, eating, smoking, use of drugs, sexual addictions, etc.

My approach helps people by resolving the deep conflicts while incorporating a wellness life plan. Weight gain or other addictions is about lifestyle and choices. With my approach, my clients change their lifestyle and lose their weight forever, because their inner conflicts are resolved.

It is wonderful to watch and… Continue reading


Transitions are hard if we fight them.

Does a leaf fight every fall because it’s afraid to detach from it’s place of safety on the branch while the wind is tugging it gently to  the ground? Maybe, but I don’t think so as it is part of the cycle of nature. Do birds worry every year when it’s time to migrate? I don’t think so. They go with the pull of migration. Why do we fight each change? There is life and death, of course, but what lies in between is life’s essence, which is transition.… Continue reading