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Need Mediation? Meditation Matters Too

mediationMediation is a flexible, simple, and often times quick way to fully resolve conflicts.

Whether these conflicts are family-based or professional, our mediation skills at Innovative Counseling Services (ICS) can decrease the time spent attempting to communicate through a complex issue. Our team brings you results.

ICS mediators follow and teach similar methods to those described by Tom Pronesti, a leading mediator who suggests relaxation techniques. This is why he recommends that mediators practice and teach meditation to their clients.

How can meditation help resolve conflict?

• It can help you relax during stressful days/circumstances.
• It can assist… Continue reading

Texting Across Generations

“My friends understand me, but my mom and I fight because we miscommunicate when we text.”

Recently, in a counseling session, my client and her daughter were discussing relationship conflicts that seem to be triggered by texting each other. Eventually, the teenage daughter blurted out. “She texts me about things I can’t do anything about, like clean my room or taking out the trash. I’m at school, why is she texting me about that?”

According to Wikipedia, the average American teen receives over 3,300 texts per month. In 2009,  it was estimated that 2.5 billion text messages are… Continue reading

Money, Sex, and Power

In relationships, the balance between money, power, and sex are intertwined. Often, when power of control shifts, interest in the desire for sex changes.

If a couple does not discuss how money will be spent, saved, or managed, misunderstandings develop. If ongoing, the person in charge of the bills may become resentful and the other angry because he or she feels angry for not having enough spending money or savings. For example, one partner may like to have a nest egg to feel comfortable while the other likes to “live in the now,” spending money on what he or she… Continue reading

Fibromyalgia: Treating the Mind and Body

There is a lot of controversy about the physical and psychological aspects of fibromyalgia.

My clients come to me with real pain, and I treat them with a  combination of EMDR therapy and body work, which is done simultaneously with a massage therapist.  The mind and body are treated as one.

During the healing protocol, we process the physical and emotional pain with slow bilateral stimulation to facilitate “parasympathetic processing.”  The bilateral movement is a soft beeping sound produced through a headset that the patient wears.  The bilateral stimulation (beeping) can help to… Continue reading