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Finding Balance After 50: All Your Choices

Credit: DreamstimeAre you a woman over 50 who wonders whether you want to enjoy living your life alone so as to simplify? Or do you miss partnership and often consider online dating or other ways of meeting someone?

Now is your time…there are so many choices.

The decision for women over 50 to be alone or in a romantic relationship is a new trend. I meet with baby boomers in my psychology and relationship coaching practices who are creating new retirement lives for themslves. According to a recent article in Huffington Post, many women feel overwhelmed with all their choices… Continue reading

Dr. Jean Pollack Announces Innovative Life Coaching, Her New Online Relationship Coaching Practice

Innovative Life CoachingAfter more than twenty years in private practice as a licensed psychologist and conflict mediator, Dr. Jean Pollack is excited to launch her online relationship coaching practice, Innovative Life Coaching. So you can learn more about how she can help support your relationships, Jean is offering a free online fifteen-minute consultation.

As the founder of Innovative Counseling and now Innovative Life Coaching, Jean has led and overseen more than 18,000 sessions with couples, families, and parents during her years as a psychologist, life coach, and professor of Mind Body Psychology at Ryokan College in California.

“My new practice… Continue reading

Creating Longevity in Your Life

LongevityWhile teaching Mind Body Psychology at Ryokan College two years ago, I became excited about the new research on our ability to control gene expressions, the leading factor that dictates agelessness, health and creativity.

Gene expression is defined as the process by which information from a gene is used in the synthesis of a functional gene product. Interestingly, we can change gene expression by altering our daily experiences and routines. For over 25 years, I have discovered ways to enhance and optimize my clients lives by using psychotherapy and life coaching… Continue reading

Life As One Big Checklist

Has life become just another thing to check off your to-do list?

In my practice, many young people in their 20’s and 30’s have similar unconscious or conscious life goals that they want in a specified order — particular achievements to cross off “their list.”

The checklist includes: get accepted into the college of choice, have a boyfriend or girlfriend, graduate, get married then have a child, get another degree or career advancement, buy a big house and car, raise children, send children to college, and, finally, plan for retirement.

Each item also needs acquisition by a specific age. Long-term… Continue reading

Optimize Agelessness and Creativity

How can we optimize agelessness and creativity in our normal daily lives with psychotherapy and life coaching?

We can use our consciousness and perception of free will to optimize our health and well being.

While teaching Mind Body Psychology at Ryokan College two years ago, I became excited about new information about how much control we have over our gene expression, which dictates agelessness, health, and creativity.

It is empowering to know that many of our daily activities of life such as waking, sleeping, dreaming, work, stress, play, and especially motherhood are all associated with patterns of gene expression —… Continue reading