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How to Heal Trauma and Anxiety

Trauma is held within the body. Although trauma can feel deep and overwhelming, there are successful ways to treat trauma and often what is associated anxiety.

Recent neuroscience research shows the best treatment for trauma involves movement. Yoga and breathing are fantastic ways to connect yourself to active healing.

Talk therapy and journaling are  also very effective ways of allowing for compassion and insight into the traumatic event. Some type of movement and inner awareness are essential keys to healing.

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Dr. Pollack Discusses Media’s Influence on Kids via

family tvDr. Pollacks discusses why monitoring, or even restricting, your children or teenager’s access to media may be a good idea in this recent article highlighting ICS.

In particular, what happens if violence or nudity appears on screen while you’re watching a movie or show with your child?

Dr. Jean Pollack, family psychologist with Innovative Counseling Services in Springettsbury Township and Hanover, said parents should be aware of what their children are watching and hearing, especially those younger than 5.

“Young children are definitely impressionable,” Pollack said. “You are socializing them with what you are exposing them to.”

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Dr. Pollack Featured as Expert in Smart Magazine

Innovative CDr. Jean Pollack Featured in Smart Magazineounseling Service’s Dr. Jean Pollack is featured as a psychological expert in the January/February 2013 issue of Smart Magazine.

In the article, writer Susan Jenning’s focuses on how to Battle the Case of the “Yeses.”

Jenning’s highlights Dr. Pollack’s use of the life wheel with her life coaching clients to assess why their life feels unbalanced, and how she works with them to resolve these issues.

You can download a PDF of Smart Magazine here.




















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Are You Considering Divorce?

Collaborative-DivorceIf you are deciding whether or not to divorce, there are abundant questions to ask yourself. Are the children going to suffer? Will I be able to manage financially? Have I done everything possible to keep this relationship together? In fact, answering these questions may lead to more questions until you feel plagued by stress and uncertainty.

This is a stressful time. Mediation and a collaborative approach can make this process much easier for everyone involved.

Mediation is the first step in discussing the present situation and the desired outcome with a neutral party, the mediator. The mediator… Continue reading

Psychology of Attraction in Relationships

Theories of love can’t fully explain love and attraction, but if you learn to trust your intuition you will find more successful relationships.

After seeing many clients struggling in love and relationships, over the years I have developed a theory about trusting the first few moments of interaction. Those first few moments of meeting a new potential love interest are critical. If you listen to the signs and signals, and learn to trust them you will avoid many problems in the relationship further into the future.

Intuition Exercise

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