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Life coaching

Join the ICS Life Coaching Directory

Life Coaching Directory by ICSIn the past months, Innovative Counseling Services has expanded our business. We are taking on new clients and counselors. But, we are also expanding our outreach to professional life coaching.

Here’s where we need you. Our new directory has launched at Are you a therapist or life coach with at least a masters degree in your area of expertise and/or equivalent training who wants to be listed? Do you know a trained therapist or life coach who may want to broaden their client base?

Our new directory offers an opportunity for professional life coaches to appear alongside your… Continue reading

Concierge Coaching: Achieve the Impossible

Overwhelmed? You need less stress, less appointments to schedule, and more time to have someone listen and support you.

Life is one transition after another. Most people need support and accountability from someone that knows them and someone to help navigate life issues. As a coach, I  help you to accomplish what you want in life by keeping you accountable.

My practice now offers Concierge Coaching, which is convenient and very personalized. We meet through confidential tele-session for first session, then can arrange emails, phone, and tele-sessions at your convenience. I am there for you to help… Continue reading