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Mind Body Psychology

Concierge Coaching: Achieve the Impossible

Overwhelmed? You need less stress, less appointments to schedule, and more time to have someone listen and support you.

Life is one transition after another. Most people need support and accountability from someone that knows them and someone to help navigate life issues. As a coach, I  help you to accomplish what you want in life by keeping you accountable.

My practice now offers Concierge Coaching, which is convenient and very personalized. We meet through confidential tele-session for first session, then can arrange emails, phone, and tele-sessions at your convenience. I am there for you to help… Continue reading

Find The Rhythm For Living Creatively And With Less Stress

Creativity as A Guide

When you pace yourself with creativity, activity, and rest throughout the day, you will not be resisting the body’s natural rhythm and you will feel less stressed. I teach  Mind Body Psychology and use it with my clients in therapy and during our Life Coaching Sessions.

According to the Psychobiology of Gene Expression by Ernest Rossi, “there is an individualized natural pacing of rhythm or creativity and rest throughout the day. If you learn to ‘catch the wave’  of the natural rhythms that occur, you will discover many hidden connections… Continue reading