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Psychology of Self-Esteem: Holistic Health and Appearance

NYC Simply Stylist Event

Dr. Pollack is pictured here at a Simply Stylist event in New York City.

Most cultures are appearance-based, but is there a strong link between how we feel about ourselves, how we live our lives, and our appearance?

In many ways, yes. How you perceive yourself comes from both an interior and exterior perception. The more you exercise, the better you feel. The healthier you eat, the more energy you have. The better you think you look, the more self-confidence you not only exude, but also inhabit. Think of the last time you were late to work and hurried through… Continue reading

Single People Have Love Too

ValentineAre you are single on Valentine’s Day? Although this is a holiday of love and romance, this is day can also be a time to feel grateful for what you love in life and who you love.

“Based on the shopping trends we’ve seen leading up to Valentine’s Day, we know it’s not just about romance anymore,” said Kevin H. Johnson, CEO of Performance Marketing Brands on “This has become a day for all families and loved ones to enjoy. Certainly, significant others are still important to buy for, but finding the right Valentine’s day gift now applies… Continue reading

Texting Across Generations

“My friends understand me, but my mom and I fight because we miscommunicate when we text.”

Recently, in a counseling session, my client and her daughter were discussing relationship conflicts that seem to be triggered by texting each other. Eventually, the teenage daughter blurted out. “She texts me about things I can’t do anything about, like clean my room or taking out the trash. I’m at school, why is she texting me about that?”

According to Wikipedia, the average American teen receives over 3,300 texts per month. In 2009,  it was estimated that 2.5 billion text messages are… Continue reading

The More I Learn the Less I Know

The more I learn about psychology  — whether theories of development and cognition, brain function, types of therapy and range of diagnoses, or the myriad psychotropic medications and their effect on the brain — the less I think we, as psychologists, really know.

The word Psychology is made of two ancient Greek words: psyche, meaning soul and logos, meaning word. Today, however, as egos of both men and women drive psychological research, developing and implementing complex theories, the field of psychology has moved away from its basic truth and meaning: to study the mind,… Continue reading

Creative Living, Ageless Living

Recently, I was sitting by a pool with a friend. We were discussing health and aging. He made the comment, “Aging is a disease,” which struck me as fatalistic.

“No, it’s reality,” he said. “At about 26 years of age, our cells stop growing and producing and start to decline.”

I was recently inspired and re-inspired while reading current research on mind body psychology and taught a college course called mind body psychology for the second time.

The new research about aging and health is exciting and encouraging. There are ways to facilitate more creativity, health, and build a better… Continue reading