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Simply Stylist

Inspiring Change As Her Mission

Simply StylistA few years ago, Elissa Kravetz found her inspiration and has been on an inspired mission ever since.

The Farley Project creates change within schools for children who are being bullied.

ICS saw Elissa speak at the Simply Stylist event in NYC pictured here, where she talked about inspiration, her non-profit organization, and her public relations firm. We caught up with her soon after to learn more about what keeps her most inspired.

On the Huffington Post, you talk about how you found your inspiration for the Farley Project while on a yoga retreat in Bali? Why was bullying… Continue reading

Psychology of Self-Esteem: Holistic Health and Appearance

NYC Simply Stylist Event

Dr. Pollack is pictured here at a Simply Stylist event in New York City.

Most cultures are appearance-based, but is there a strong link between how we feel about ourselves, how we live our lives, and our appearance?

In many ways, yes. How you perceive yourself comes from both an interior and exterior perception. The more you exercise, the better you feel. The healthier you eat, the more energy you have. The better you think you look, the more self-confidence you not only exude, but also inhabit. Think of the last time you were late to work and hurried through… Continue reading