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How to Manage Holiday Stress

The holidays are a time of year for celebration, being with family, and enjoying. Yet, they also tend to be a time of stress for many people in terms of preparation, overindulgence, and cost. The following are five ways to manage your stress through this holiday season.

1. Make time for your family but also for yourself.

If you are a parent, the holidays can be extremely stressful as you prepare for your children’s celebration. However, even if you are single the additional stress of attending holiday parties, family gatherings, and gift buying may seem like more to do.… Continue reading

Will Your Empty Nest Be Boomeranged?

When my last child left for college, I had been a mother for more than thirty years. I thought I was prepared, but nothing prepared me for the day my last child left home.

We took our son to his new dorm and got him settled in, but I felt so empty. I thought, “Who will I nurture now?” “Where do I belong?” Although I had continued with my education and had my psychology practice, this loss was deep—deeper than anything I had experienced. I remember the next week offering coffee and a bagel to my accountant when he came… Continue reading

Play Therapy for Bullying

“I am so worried about my child and I don’t know what to do.”

The previous statement is a concern expressed by more and more parents whose child is being bullied in school or in the neighborhood.

Many times, their child has difficulty expressing his or her feelings and will begin to manifest somatic complaints such as stomachaches, headaches, school refusal, and/or acting out in school. Although guidance counselors are a resource, many times the child being bullied feels vulnerable in the school setting and has fear of increased bullying for “tattling” on others.

This leaves parents in a… Continue reading

With Winter Coming, Try Therapy in Your Home

Don’t let the snow or flu season interfere with your therapy sessions. Inclement weather and less sunlight during winter can increase depression, illness, and lethargy. It brings that “I just want to stay at home and rest” feeling. Many of my clients are now using phone or video sessions for this reason and others. Recently, a client’s child was home sick from school, so I told her to grab a cup of coffee or tea and we could have our session over the phone. An increasingly popular method of counseling, distance therapy allows you to have therapy anywhere—from the comfort… Continue reading

Optimize Agelessness and Creativity

How can we optimize agelessness and creativity in our normal daily lives with psychotherapy and life coaching?

We can use our consciousness and perception of free will to optimize our health and well being.

While teaching Mind Body Psychology at Ryokan College two years ago, I became excited about new information about how much control we have over our gene expression, which dictates agelessness, health, and creativity.

It is empowering to know that many of our daily activities of life such as waking, sleeping, dreaming, work, stress, play, and especially motherhood are all associated with patterns of gene expression —… Continue reading

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